An Update

February 9th, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to my intrepid web guy Will I am now able to post stuff here on my site again….

It has been an “interesting” year to say the least.

I haven’t played “out” anywhere since March of 2020 because of Covid, but have been very busy writing recording and now mixing lot’s of new music. LOTS of new music….

I am in the mixing and production stage of 2 separate new vocal CDs. “To the Faire” and “Lullabies and Roses”.

I’m also writing music for a musical that is being written by author/playwright Byron Ballard called “Forevermore”…A few of the songs for this play will also be on the 2 new albums I’m working on now….

As of right now 11 songs have had their final mix and the rest, a total of 25 new songs are all set to have other peoples voices for harmonies and other instrumentation added.

For now the best place to go to hear bits and pieces of the new albums and the play is at

I just got a Patreon page and a Bandcamp page and hope to have them full of content soon…My Facebook page is having issues that can’t seem to be fixed. I’ve been trying since July of 2020….I can only access it by phone and for anyone who has ever had the distinct “pleasure” of getting a phone text me can tell you…I really suck at typing on my phone….

Besides the 2 albums I am activally mixing right now, I also have plans to record another instrumental acoustic guitar album this year as well.

I do miss seeing you all and hope you’re all staying healthy and safe.

I have been trying to make the most of my down time and on the bright side…My van should last another year longer than it would have otherwise….