The Green Album Soon to be Released!

April 27th, 2016

I have been given the honor of being a part of a brand new compilation CD to benefit The Rainforest Trust called “The Green Album”. 25% of all┬ásales will be donated!The Green Album art

Ginger Doss, Wendy Rule, SJ. Tucker, Bekah Kelso, Tuatha Dea, Damh the Bard, Kellianna, Celia Farran, Mama Gina, Spiral Dance, Sharon Knight, Murphy’s Midnight Ronders, Spiral Rhythm and myself. 14 artists in all, each of us writing one song specifically for this album that has never before been released anywhere!

12 of us will be playing a very special concert Saturday night May 27th at the Caldera Fest in LaFayette GA, which is an amazing event featuring 29 bands Memorial Day weekend. Each of us will be playing the song that we’ve written and donated to this very special album.

Please visit for more information.