The 2015 Woodchopper’s Ball Tickets on Sale!

October 7th, 2015

I am very happy to announce that tickets for the 15 year anniversary of the annual Woodchopper’s Ball benefit for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless will be going on sale Wednesday October 7th at 2pm.

It will be at the Kent Stage at 175 Main Street in Kent Ohio at Saturday December 12th 7pm. Doors open at 6pm. Please visit for tickets and more info and please visit for updates, info and photos and please also visit me at and too

The Woodchopper’s Ball is 9 of the most award winning and very best guitarists and mind bending, string benders in the Universe, 3 sets of 3 players on stage at a time playing “round robin” style, each taking a turn playing a song till everyone has played 4 songs each. That’s 9 of the best players on Earth surrounded by their peers playing their very best songs! The energy, fun, camaraderie and sheer virtuosity is infectious and amazing!!

The lineup this year is : Muriel Anderson, Michael Kelsey, Todd Hallawell, Dan Bankhurst, Tim and Myles Thompson, The Night Travelers (James Mckinney and Niki Portman) Mark Sganga, Andy Wahlberg and myself and will be hosted by Hal Walker.