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New Album Being Recorded!

May 15th, 2015

I’ve been spending time with the amazing engineer who’s recorded all of my solo guitar albums, Jay Bentoff at Dark Tree Studios in Cleveland Ohio recording my very first vocal album!
That’s right, after 7 solo instrumental guitar albums I’m finally doing a vocal CD.
“Sun and the Moon ad the Stars” should be finished by the end of May and released by the middle of June 2015.
I just finished as producer for Ginger Ackley’s new album “Elf King’s Horn”, which is at the manufacturers getting pressed now and due out very soon.
I also have a pretty full schedule of concerts and festivals this Summer.
PSG in Earlville IL in June, both Starwood at Wisteria in OH, Summerland Spirit Fest in Wisconsin in July, Mythmusica Faerie Fest in Pennsylvania in August and I will, of course, be heading to Kansas for the international Fingerstyle Guitar Championships at the Walnut Valley Festival in September.
The 15th annual Woodchoppers Ball will be Sat December 12th at the Kent Stage.